I was a late arrival to the Arcade Fire party, only receiving their debut ‘Funeral’ as a Christmas gift some three years after its initial release. These were, apparently, three years wasted. The album gleaned such airtime on the iPod I received that same Christmas, that the likes of ‘Crown of Love’ and ‘In the Back Seat’ still conjure impossibly powerful memories from that very winter (an appropriate season given the record’s dark, snowy nature). The scent of the Hugo Boss fragrance and the leather coat I received, and the walk on icy paths to the house of my then-giirlfriend on which I would wear both, are all still inextricably linked.

The first chance I had to get excited about an actual Arcade Fire release came in 2010, with the all conquering ‘The Suburbs’. The universal acclaim was, perhaps, expected (it currently holds an 87% rating on Metacritic) though the manner in which the band themselves were catapulted into the mainstream caught many by surprise, their Grammy win for best album of the year famously confusing many. Either way, their storming set at Reading Festival that year remains one of the best I’ve ever seen; the shouted countdown leading into Funeral’s ‘Power Out’ possibly being the closest I have ever come to a spontaneous orgasm.

And then, as those posters started cropping up around the late summer festivals, and people starting throwing around names like James Murphy and, dare we dream, David Bowie… We all waited for 9pm on the 9th day of the 9th month, and this is what we got.

And ain’t she a beaut?

Seven minutes long, no less… And yes! It’s only bloody Bowie!

So it seems that appetites have been well and truly whetted, and  Arcade Fire’s burgeoning hardcore are going to have to work out exactly how they’re going to pass the time between now and the release of their fourth album (mooted for late October). On the evidence of ‘Reflektor’, though, I suspect it will be worth the wait.


2 thoughts on “Reflektor

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