Skarooven WAFAGAK

Skarooven is Hubris Lost let loose on guitars, synths, MacBooks etc. Here’s the second batch of presentable output, taken from the forthcoming EP, ‘When Angels Fall and Ghosts Are Kings’.

Skarooven Vol. 1 can be found here. Skarooven’s soundcloud can be found here.


A song about being blackmailed by a lover. Reworked from its four year old initial synth-pop form into something a little meatier. Possibly the nearest to a straight rock song Skarooven will ever record.

The Hurt and The Show

Ever heard a modern prog track about a post-apocolyptic Jeremy Kyle show, sung from the perspective of the host himself? No? Listen below.


The longest song I’ve ever recorded, with layers and drops and harmonies and all sorts.



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